Bar-Bat Mitzvahs

Bar / Bat Mitzvah DJ Specialists

Bar Mitzvah DJs


Formalities we announce and provide music for if requested:

  • Cocktail Music
  • Dinner Music
  • Introductions
  • Toast
  • Hamotzi
  • Dinner Served
  • Hora
  • Candle Lighting Lighting Introductions
  • Party Favors

What happens if your DJ entertainment company is inexperienced or uncomfortable doing Bar Mitzvahs?

You get:
• Kids who are bored
• Adults who feel distanced from the party
• A disappointed child (now young adult)
• A guest of honor in a chair with no one to lift it!

You need a Bar Mitzvah DJ entertainment specialist!

Why do many DJ’s flop when it comes to Bar Mitzvahs?
Bar Mitzvahs/Bat Mitzvahs usually have a mix of adults and kids all in the same room. Everyone wants to have a good time but their musical tastes can differ.

A DJ may be skilled in entertaining an adult crowd at a wedding or a young crowd at a middle school, but entertaining them both while in the same room is an art form in and of itself.

Consider as well the fact that many kids will go to several Bar Mitzvahs in a year. Can you see how they might become bored with a typical DJ show? But there is hope!

How We Make Your Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah a Smash Hit!

At Whirlin Disc DJs, we provide an integrated show that appeals to all ages by combining music, video, and interaction.
•Our music sets are designed to strike a familiar chord with your guests and get them dancing right from the start.
•Our video clips will excite and entertain visually adding another dimension to your experience.
•Our interactive Masters of Ceremonies will host games and contests with the kids and then lead all of your guests to the dance floor for some high energy dancing.

We know what it takes to keep both the adults and the kids partying all day.

Before your party we go to work for you planning your event.
•What kind of music does your child like to listen to?
•What are the parents and other attending adults taste in music?
•What activities in school is she/he involved in?
•How many Bar Mitzvahs/Bat Mitzvahs has she/he attended?

The answers to these questions and many more just like it will enable us to craft an event that will be uniquely theirs.

We then use our experience and work with your caterer to create a timeline that flows smoothly, and elegantly, with something for everyone.
How are we different from other DJs?

Have you ever noticed that when you focus on something, you tend to become very good at it?

Our focus the last eighteen years has been on Bar / Bat Mitzvahs. Our music, video, and interaction are all geared for a Mitzvah crowd. Specifically, a mix of adults and kids in the same room.

Our custom timelines are designed to keep the kids AND the adults entertained. In short, when we say it we mean it, we specialize in Bar / Bat Mitzvahs!